Adjustable, Heavy Duty Three Tier Container Racking (2 Bays)


3 Tier Racking for 20ft Container



Product Details
For a 20ft container we offer a single 2250mm bay of three tier racking that can be assembled in the container. This racking can also be installed in a 30ft or 40ft container.
It comprises two pre-assembled 2m high and 600mm wide end frames connected by two beams per shelf. The beams easily slot into the end frames and include safety clips.
All steel items are powder coated (blue and orange) for a scratch resistant finish and include a 25mm chipboard shelf with a capacity of 550kgs per shelf. The shelf level heights can be adjusted in 50mm increments.
It is possible to use racking on both sides of the container. There is also space for racking on the end of the container using our three tier racking for rear of container.
This racking kit is for a single side. Order 2 kits to fit both sides.
20ft Container – Maximum Bays Per Side: 2
40ft Container – Maximum Bays Per Side: 5


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