High-cube containers for sale – When an extra foot makes all the difference

When it comes to shipping and storage, you don’t want to suffer the headaches of container rentals or the limitations of options that can’t accommodate your cargo due to height restrictions. At R-H Container Service, we fight off these challenges with new and used high-cube containers for sale. They will transform the way you think about logistics and goods storage.

HC containers are synonymous with the extra vertical one-foot space, so no valuable goods are left behind due to height limitations. Whether you’re shipping within the USA or internationally, they are the answer to your cargo prayers.

High-cube containers to meet your every need

Have you got used to 20ft or 40ft containers? We have all standard configurations in the high-cube category. Add an extra foot to transport or store your items with:

  • Reefer containers. When the integrity of your temperature-sensitive cargo is non-negotiable, refrigerated HC options are best. With advanced cooling technology, they ensure your perishables arrive at their destination in pristine condition.
  • Sliding-door containers. Take advantage of the sliding door mechanism that allows for swift and unobstructed access to your cargo. These affordable high-cube shipping containers can speed up your loading operations when dealing with heavy machinery or delicate goods.
  • Open-top containers. Oversized or awkwardly shaped items don’t have to be another nuisance. Open-top HC options are tailor-made to accommodate goods that extend beyond traditional container dimensions, such as construction equipment or enormous industrial components.
  • Hazardous waste containers. Order these high-cube containers in the USA to make sure any dangerous liquid or powder is enclosed within a steel box designed to prevent leaks and potential environmental risks. This is your best bet for managing hazardous waste compliance and embracing accountability at your shipping or storage facility.

Modifications are available

As your cargo needs may extend beyond standard requirements, we can modify some recently engineered and used high-cube shipping containers. Our 20ft and 40ft HC boxes can be customized to include lighting, temperature alarms, cold curtains, extra doors, data loggers, and more. All modifications address specific concerns and should be agreed upon for each HC container beforehand.

Whether you want it modified or not, you can easily buy a high-cube container online. Select its size and type at R-H Container Service, and let us arrange shipping to your preferred destination. We can bring it to your warehouse, terminal, or military address domestically and internationally.

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