20′ HC Open Top Container


The difference between a 20′ HC Open Top Container and a regular HC container is the roof that can be fully opened. The roof structure of the container has been replaced by a tarpaulin, enabling transportation of oversized loads.


Product Details
This 20ft x 8ft used open top container is available for sale and delivery USA-wide.
Open top containers do not have the conventional steel corrugated container roof. Instead they have removable bows and a weatherproof tarpaulin which can be secured with ropes. This significantly simplifies the loading and unloading process which is usually done by crane from above. The door header (above the door) can also be swung round / removed to allow easy access for the cargo.
Open top containers are ideal for the movement of machinery. The container must be shipped with the bows and tarpaulin which also provide some strength. If the machinery is over height then usually you will need to use a flat rack container which has no roof at all. Lashing rings are provided for securing the load during transport.
Removable roof
Lashing rings enable cargo to be secured
Removable roof allows for craneage of large or heavy items from above
A smaller 20ft open top container is also available for sale.


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